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Name: MINI C
Category: Electric Bike
product description:
Product size: 1708*700*680mm   
Motor: 1200w   
Battery: 72v 16ah li-ion 72v 20ah li-ion 72v 40ah  li-ion 72v 80ah  li-ion
Charging time: 5h 6.5h 8h 8h*2
GPS: yes yes yes yes
APP: yes yes yes yes
Running light: yes yes yes yes
Front and rear turnning light: yes yes yes yes
Brake: Front and rear disc brake   
L speed range: 90km 120km 240km 480km
D speed range: 70km 90km 180km 360km
S speed range: 55km 70km 140km 280km
Speed: L'speed 30km/h;'D'speed 38km/h;'S'speed 50km/h 

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